Andrew Chafoulias

Founder & CEO

Andrew Chafoulias established Avra Hospitality with the focus on creating world-class guest experiences, as well as, providing third-party hotel management. Under Andrew’s leadership, Avra Hospitality has grown to be an industry leading, hotel management company, specializing in branded and independent luxury boutique properties. Andrew’s worldly vision is ingrained within the humble beginnings of the organization and can be directly attributed to the rapid growth that Avra Hospitality continues to experience. With a management portfolio showcasing more than $230 million in hotel assets and a combined $35 million in annual revenue, Andrew continues to lead his team by invoking creative and innovative thinking, as well as, strategic and thoughtful investing.

Miki Radovanovic

Chief Operating Officer

Showcasing more than 20 years’ experience in hospitality, Miki’s team focused approach continues to result in outstanding guest experience, positive employee engagement and profitable returns for owners. Miki’s background consists of management in both branded hotels and independent luxury boutique properties.

Marija Cvetkovic

VP of Development and Acquisitions

With nearly 20 years’ experience in business development and revenue management, Marija’s innovative and tactical approach to business has resulted in numerous organizations improving revenue outcomes and achieving record breaking results. Marija’s background consists of overseeing the growth and development of organizations with $35+ million in annual revenue.

Greg Henderson

Corporate Director of Finance

Overseeing the financial structure of Avra Hospitality and its properties, Greg is responsible for applying an analytical lens to decisions made throughout the organization. Greg’s role and involvement is imperative within the acquisition process, as well as partnering with financial institutions.

Michelle Milde

Corporate Director or PR & Marketing

Experienced Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Michelle demonstrates history of working in both the hospitality industry as well as the advertising industry. Focusing on creative strategies, Michelle’s role is to bring intriguing story telling, as well as, consistent messaging to all brands under Avra Hospitality Management.

Angie Richards

Area Director of Sales

Angie is responsible for empowering sales team members in generating more than $15 million in sales and catering revenue. Angie’s years of experience, as well as her ability to strategically develop relationships, has continued to result in successful growth for the organization.

Bruce Putzier

Area Director of Engineering

Well versed in the structural and operational facilities of our hotels, Bruce brings more than 30 years of engineering experience to the Avra leadership team. He is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and preservation of all Avra Hospitality properties.
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